Stippling Pricing

Pistol Stipple Pricing

360 Grip Texture$75-100
Backstrap Texture$25
Trigger Guard Texture$15
Index Points (Both Sides)$15
Slide End Cap$5
Mag Base Pads$5

Other Pistol Modifications

Undercut Trigger Guard$15
Bevel Mag Release / Remove Scallop$15
Mag well Cutouts$25
Remove Finger Grooves$20
Grip Reduction$50

Note: Most pistol modifications require stippling in the affected area.

Rifle/Shotgun Stipple Pricing

Rifle / Shotgun Stock$50-75
Rifle / Shotgun Forend$50-100
Pistol Grip$25-40
Magazines$15 or 3 for $35

I can also stipple custom artwork.  Please Contact me to discuss options and pricing.

Lead time is approximately 2 weeks, but may vary with workload.

Since each job is unique, prices are negotiable.  Contact me to discuss your project!