Duracoat Pricing

1 Color2 ColorMulti-Color/Camo
Barreled Receiver$80$100$180
Rifle Stocks$100$120$220
Semi-Auto Rifle (Receivers Only)$120$100$180
Semi-Auto Rifle Furniture Sets$60$120$220
Rifle Barrel$60$75$100
Pistol or Revolver$120$140$200
Pistol Slide$50$75$100
Pistol Frame$75$90$120
Pistol Barrel$40$50N/A
Scope Rings/Mount$25$30$45
Red Dot Sight$60$75$90
Flashlight/Small Accessories$20$25$35
Pistol Magazine Base Plate$5$8$15
Suppressors (High Temp Coating)$45$60$85

A DISTRESSED or BATTLE WORN finish will be an additional $75 for pistol and $150 for rifle or shotgun.

There is a $50 charge for cleaning excessively dirty weapons prior to coating.

Lead time is approximately 2-3 weeks, but may vary with workload.

Since each job is unique, prices are negotiable.  Contact me to discuss your project!